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Transitional Life Coaching

Dealing with Loss and End-of-Life Issues ~ Life Transitions are challenging for most people.  You may have lost your job in mid-life or be facing retirement.  You may have lost a loved one to decline, disease or death.  Preparing for the new or completing the old creates stress that can strengthen or deplete.  As a Transitional Life Coach, I can assist you as you adapt to the changes you are facing, assisting you to identify and access your internal strengths and learn new skills to continue on with your life.

Health-related Challenges -If you are facing a health-related challenge, be it your own or that of a loved one, stress and worry can decrease your energy and make it difficult to be proactive in your healing process.  Many people have difficulty getting accurate information from their healthcare providers.

I will assist you in clarifying what is most important to you and teach you skills to communicate clearly with your family and the medical community.  You will learn how to ask the best questions to access the information you seek. If you have a loved one facing a health challenge, I can assist you with skills that will help you support your loved and also take care of yourself.

Fear of the unknown can be expressed in ways we may regret.   I will teach you the skills for accessing community resources for you and your family.   I will help you increase the effectiveness of your communication with family members and healthcare professionals.

If you are facing the end of your life, I will assist you in completing your life with dignity.  You, your family and I will create a plan that will help you identify what you want medically, emotionally, physically and spiritually.  You and your family will learn how to access community support resources to increase the quality of your life.

None of us wants to die and leave our loved ones.  But we all will die.  When you are complete with your life, sharing with your loved ones what you want them to know, having all of your affairs in order, clear about the legacy you will leave behind, you will be able to die at peace, free of fear and regret.

Loss of a loved one – If you are facing the loss of a life partner or spouse or other family member, it can be difficult to navigate the “storm”.  Most people lose the “I” when they become a “we”.  Rebuilding a relationship with yourself after a loss is paramount to going on with life in joy.  I will assist you in moving through the stages of rebuilding a relationship with yourself and help you to develop a new vision and new goals for yourself.