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Seminar Schedule

All of our seminars take a participatory approach and tap into participants’ diverse experiences and wisdom. We believe that planning for aging and dying is transformational work and will positively impact you, your friends and family, and future generations. Wherever you happen to be—emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually—our seminars will meet you where you are and help you get to where you want to be.

See our upcoming workshops below:

Traditional Wisdom: A Guide to Healthy Aging and Completing Life with Dignity

This course is designed for anyone in early retirement, aging, facing a life-threatening disease or have a loved one in one of these life stages. There is a huge benefit for participants to attend this workshop with a loved one or primary support person. Older adults with their adult children, older adults with their spouse, older adults with their primary support person or caregiver.

When you attend this workshop, you will:

  • How to identify resources in your community to support quality care as you or an aging family member age or require some assistance with daily life.
  • To clarify what you want for yourself or your loved one when facing end of life decisions.
  • How to communicate what you want with your physician and other healthcare professionals, to gain support for what you want during the latter stages of your life or the life of a loved one.
  • To obtain accurate information from your physician and other healthcare providers when faced with choices about treatment plans.
  • To create a written plan to assist you during the stages you or a loved one may face as you age or go through a disease or aging process.
  • To identify what has been most meaningful in your life or to assist a loved one in clarifying the meaning their life has had for themselves and those they love.
  • To clarify what you want to do or to complete during the remainder of your life.
  • Assist you to make well-informed decisions about how you want to live out the remainder of your life before there is a life-threatening event.
  • Show you ways for how you can support and/or care for a loved one who is in need of assisted living, whether being assisted in their own homes or in an assisted residential home.

Past participants have reported a significant reduction in their death-related fear and anxiety, an increase in their ability to communicate their healthcare choices to their physicians and a reduction in pain and suffering experienced by their loved ones during the dying process. They have likened the death of their loved one as intimate, bringing the family closer, healing old differences and leaving no regrets.

We are currently scheduling our seminars for 2020. Check back for updates.