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Enjoy a complimentary download of Part One of Transitional Wisdom: A Guide to Healthy Aging & Completing Life with Dignity by Morning Star Holmes.

Transitional Wisdom is based on the premise that when we plan for aging and dying, we free ourselves to live more fully. To this end, author Morning Star Holmes shares moving personal stories of the dying process as well as information on how to create a family care plan, resolving the past and healing the whole family, finding the right health-care professionals, and estate planning.

Below are three case studies. These stories are different but are connected by the intimacy created at the end of life. Each of these people completed their life with dignity.

With Sarah, sharing her truth with her father allowed him to make amends, to ask for and receive forgiveness. They healed a deep wound and restored a loving relationship with one another. He died at peace, with no regret in the end.


Sean received a gift of a lasting piece of wisdom from his father, something he will carry with him for the remainder of his life. His dad left him with a glow in his heart and a deep love and appreciation for the depth of his father’s love.


Mary had a full life. In the end, there was a joining of the generations, validating the strength and love of family.