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Family Caregivers

Introductory Assessment

An Introductory Assessment includes an initial survey of you and your family, a 1:1 conversation, and a written roadmap of recommendations on ways to move forward in supporting your loved one meet their aging goals.

Introductory Assessment Package:

    • Includes an initial assessment, one coaching session, and a written report of recommendations
    • Session is 70 minutes

Transitional Life Coaching- Family Caregivers

It can be challenging to care for someone, especially for a loved one who is experiencing changes in their mental or physical health. Family caregiving is a position that isn’t always expected or planned for. More often than not, people find themselves in a family caregiving role due to a sudden medical crisis. We can assist you in preparing for this role and to find a deeper understanding of what your loved one is going through. Through coaching, you will learn communication skills, options for care and how to access resources, alongside developing strategies to build a robust care network that will support you in providing the best care possible to your loved one. By addressing care needs early your family can often avoid medical crisis through prevention/early intervention, significantly increasing the quality of life for your aging loved ones.

The End Result:

    • You are better able to manage your stress
    • You are able to provide a higher quality of compassionate care
    • You reduce feelings of guilt and inadequacy
    • You are better able to access support services for yourself and your loved one
    • You will be a better advocate for your loved one
    • You improve your relationship with the person you are caring for. If you have a loved one facing a health challenge, we can assist you with skills that will help you support your loved and also take care of yourself.

Coaching Packages:

    • 3-month coaching package: 
      • Includes 2 coaching sessions per month for 3 months
      • Sessions are 60 minutes
    • 6-month coaching package: 
      • Includes 2 coaching sessions per month for 6 months
      • Sessions are 60 minutes
    • Single tune-up session: 
      • For returning clients only
      • Sessions are 60 minutes

Classes and Workshops

We do a wide variety of classes and workshops. We update our website regularly with scheduled trainings, but if you don’t see what you are looking for please reach out. For a sense of the range of our workshop themes and content, below are a few examples of trainings we do regularly:

    • Communicate with Compassion
    • Managing Stress and Self-care
    • Accessing Community Resources
    • Creating a Family Care Team

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