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Family Consulting Package

In the 20th-century average life expectancy increased by thirty years. To remain healthy during these advanced years we focus on mental sharpness, physical fitness, and financial security. Yet, it is the quality of our relationships that support us to live and flourish. Age can be catalytic for emotional growth, strengthening bonds, and healing deep-seated trauma among family and friends. Focusing on the quality of our closest relationships creates opportunities for a richer life for every generation, whether caregiver, recipient of care or somewhere in between.

Transitional Wisdom is a transformational healing program for people who want to enrich and strengthen their family relationships with siblings, parents, and grandparents as they plan for the care of an aging or ill loved one. This is a 6-month program for families desiring to

• Make peace with your past
• Release from negative patterns and behaviors
• Reduce stress and fear related to pending loss
• Emotional healing and forgiveness
• Improved relationships
• Share the care of a loved one through developing a family care team

Included in Family Package: 

    • Family Assessment: Each family member will be asked to complete a questionnaire, followed by an individual interview for us to get a greater understanding of your family’s needs.
    • Two-Day Training: Attend our signature training Transitional Wisdom: A Guide to Healthy Aging and Completing Life with Dignity.
    • Two-Day Family Retreat: We partner with you to plan and prepare a custom 2-day retreat experience off-site with your family. We will curate an engaging, productive, and energizing weekend culminating in a facilitated family discussion to create a graduated family care plan that everyone understands, agrees to, and generally feels excited about. A facilitator allows each family member to participate fully and minimizes defensiveness. At the retreat, your family will learn together, take time for reflection individually and collectively, as well as participate in group skill-building. Skill-building areas may include:
        • Clarify what the aging or ill person wants as they age or decline.
        • Learn the signs when a graduated care approach should begin.
        • Learn how to set up an effective care team that may include family members, friends and/or professional caregivers.
        • Identify the strengths of each family member in relation to what they can or cannot contribute to a family care team.
        • Learn conflict resolution strategies
    • Coaching with family members.
        • Each participating family member will receive 4 coaching sessions over 6 months (up to 6 people)
        • Sessions are 60 minutes
    • Evaluation of progress 

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