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Family Consulting Package

Aligning a family in a common goal, resolving conflict arising from family of origin patterns, modeling effective and compassionate behavior based on mutual respect bring families closer. Our goal is to ensure people in your family feel valued, loved, and respected even as they encounter the challenges of loss of a partner or loss of their health. While many families enroll in this consulting package when confronted with a medical crisis, the ideal time to enroll is before there is a need. Better decisions are made that reflect what you really want when not faced with an immediate or unexpected crisis. When we plan for aging, we free ourselves to live more fully.

Included in Family Package: $15,000

    • Family Assessment: Each family member will be asked to complete a questionnaire, followed by an individual interview for us to get a greater understanding of your family’s needs.
    • Two-Day Family Retreat: We partner with you to plan and prepare a custom 2-day retreat experience off-site with your family. We will curate an engaging, productive, and energizing weekend culminating in a facilitated family discussion to create a graduated family care plan that everyone understands, agrees to, and generally feels excited about. A facilitator allows each family member to participate fully and minimizes defensiveness. At the retreat, your family will learn together, take time for reflection individually and collectively, as well as participate in group skill-building. Skill-building areas may include:
        • Clarify what the aging or ill person wants as they age or decline.
        • Learn the signs when a graduated care approach should begin.
        • Learn how to set up an effective care team that may include family members, friends and/or professional caregivers.
        • Identify the strengths of each family member in relation to what they can or cannot contribute to a family care team.
        • Learn conflict resolution strategies
    • Coaching with family members.
        • Each participating family member will receive 2 coaching sessions per month for 6 months (up to 6 people)
        • Sessions are 60 minutes
    • Evaluation of progress 

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