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At Transitional Wisdom we focus on the changes and transitions individuals and families experience related to aging or the care of a declining loved one. We serve you through:

  • Planning for healthy aging
  • Coping with a life-threatening disease
  • Addressing issues associated with age-related decline for the individual and family
  • Resolving grief

Family Consulting

We have found that many of the same principles that apply in organizations regarding change, balance, leadership, team/group development, optimum performance, and accountability also apply to family dynamics. We have learned to effectively utilize a model based on these principles with families in transition. There are countless benefits for supporting a loved one suffering a loss, facing a life-threatening disease or dealing with age-related decline.

Aligning a family in a common goal, resolving conflict arising from family of origin patterns, modeling effective and compassionate behavior based on mutual respect all bring families closer. When supporting a loved one who has suffered a loss, is facing a life-threatening illness or age-related decline, he or she will feel valued, loved and respected even as they encounter health-related challenges.

Areas of Focus

  • Balance
  • Leadership development
  • Team development
  • Conflict resolution
  • Completing unfinished business
  • Follow-up coaching

What you can expect from a Family Consulting package

We will meet with the person who has requested our services to identify your current situation and your desired goals. At this initial meeting, we determine what family members will be involved in the support and/or care of an aging or ill family member requiring some degree of assistance. This meeting is intended to give you an opportunity to ask questions regarding our services and how your needs will be addressed. If you decide we are the right fit for you and your family, we will move on to developing a program specifically for you and your family’s needs.

We then meet with each person who will be involved in the support or care to identify what each individual family member wants, what they have to contribute and what challenges may get in the way. If the aging or ill person is capable, s/he is also interviewed and her/his desires are identified. These interviews can be done in person or remotely.

Family Care Team workshop- Once we have gathered information from each person, we design a 2-day workshop specific to your family’s needs. Some of the information we cover will include assessing needs, identifying resources, identifying current and potential future care needs and how each stage will be addressed. Other parts of the workshop are experiential exercises designed to build clarity and trust among family members. The end result is that the roles and goals of your family unit will be made clear. For those who live far from the person requiring care, there are many things that can be contributed that can be done remotely. We will do processes that help build your family care team and together develop a Care Plan.

Follow-up Coaching – For 6 months your family will have weekly coaching calls. It is stressful to care for an aging or ill person. The weekly calls are a place to share how things are going and solve issues as they come up.     As care needs change, different services may be required. When the family has a place to discuss the pros and cons of the changing landscape of care needs everyone can come together in support of their loved one. As needed, members can have individual coaching sessions to resolve personal concerns. Many people deal with the potential loss of a loved one in different ways. We will recommend additional outside support services for the individual family members when indicated.