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12 Questions to Ask when Caring For an Aging or Ill Family Member

I am asked many times by my clients about ways they might be able to care for their aging parents or an ill loved one. It is simple. Ask your loved one how best you can support them. There is no universal answer. Although there are specific things you can do to arrange for or personally assist them in their daily body care, the way in which they will accept that care is very individual. Many times their ability to accept assistance is a reflection of early childhood patterns and beliefs, combined with the specific relationships they have formed throughout their lives. There are also cultural beliefs that impact how a person will accept support as they become more vulnerable. All of these factors must be taken into account when caring for a loved one.

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Reframe Your Life

We are all like seeds in the earth. Some of us were planted in fertile soil, having the love and support to allow us to feel confident and compassionate from a very young age. Others were grown in hostile and challenging environments, feeling alone, vulnerable, unloved, and unsafe.

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Finding the Right Health Care Provider part 2

9 Key Questions to ask when searching for a new Physician

Evaluating a Physician

After my mother moved to Oregon, we found a physician who had been highly recommended for his skill and bedside manner. He was the physician other physicians used for their own families.

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Finding the Right Health Care Provider Part 1

Twenty years ago I went to my primary care doctor for my annual visit. The young medical assistant, Georgia, who was fresh out of school, ushered me to the back room, where she took my weight, height, and blood pressure. I had always been healthy and active, so I expected nothing more than the usual inconvenience and routine results.