Transitional Life Coaching

Transitional Life Coaching


  • Health and Wellness Coaching to encourage healthy aging
  • Transitional Life Coaching for individuals and family members
  • Caregiver Coaching
  • Personal Life Coaching for active seniors looking at retirement


Coaching Services

Coaching skills are inter-changeable. Whether your focus is on developing excellence in leadership and management, health and wellness, peak performance, improving yourself personally or facing a life transition, a skilled coach can assist you in a number of areas of your life.

Coaches are not counselors. The focus in a coaching relationship is on identifying your outcomes, developing an action plan to achieve the goals you have outlined and establishing a clear measurement of success.

Unlike counseling, the coaching relationship is time-limited. Once the identified goals have been accomplished and you are satisfied with the outcome, the coaching relationship is then complete.

When people have developed a collaborative coaching relationship and achieved success in the specific area of focus, they may use their coach for assistance with future goals. As a highly trained coach, I have developed expertise in several areas that focus on goals common to many of my clients.


Health and Wellness Coaching

Live Long, Live Well - A guide to healthy Aging

Health and Wellness Coaching focuses on mind/body/spirit health and wellness. The coaching process is a collaborative partnership designed to develop and implement a strategic action plan with measurable results. As you age, optimum health and wellness increases the quality of your life.

You are probably reading this section because you want to improve your health and feelings of wellbeing. You may have tried many things in the past to maintain a healthy weight, deal with a chronic condition, or manage the stress you experience in your life. You may have become discouraged when you have not achieved your health goals. You may have discarded previous action plans as a result.

Research has shown that when people develop healthy habits of exercise and healthy diet even in their 70's and 80's, it can improve the quality of their daily lives and increase their mobility and independence. You are never too old to take charge of your health.


Professional Health and Wellness Coaching helps you:

  • Achieve your ideal weight by developing healthy lifestyle habits.
  • Identify a nutritional program to help you look and feel energized.
  • Develop a sustainable exercise program that fits your personality.
  • Create a healthy balance between your personal and professional life.


Healthy Living

  • Exercise
  • Nutrition
  • Stress management
  • Social support
  • Manage a chronic health condition


Getting Started ~ I will complete an assessment of your current lifestyle and health. Many times this includes exercise, nutrition, current levels of stress and any chronic health conditions you may be experiencing in your life.

The assessment will help you set appropriate healthy lifestyle goals you can achieve. We will meet in weekly sessions to help you progress toward your health goals. Coaching sessions are in person or phone, whichever is most convenient for you. You will have access to your coach via email with any questions or concerns that come up between sessions.

Exercise Together we will create a plan that works for your lifestyle and leads you to reach your goal. You will develop tools to help you to track your exercise progress and measure your success.

I will help you identify barriers you encounter when trying to reach your exercise goals. Together you will collaborate to develop a plan to overcome those barriers.

I will provide support, encouragement, challenges and motivation for you.

Nutrition ~ I will help you learn to make healthy nutritional choices. You and your coach will work together to create a plan to incorporate healthful nutritional alternatives into your daily life that you enjoy and will fit into your lifestyle.

Reduce Stress ~ I will help you identify what creates stress for you. Through the coaching process you will develop a level of self-awareness that will help you respond effectively to events in your life and recognize how you can best manage your stress level. You will select and implement a variety of stress management tools and techniques to incorporate into your day.

Managing a Chronic Health Condition Many chronic conditions can be improved by simply incorporating healthy lifestyle habits such as exercising, nutrition, stress/anxiety management, and healthy weight maintenance.

If you suffer from a chronic condition and your physician has suggested that improving your lifestyle habits can have a positive impact on your disease, then working with your own personal health and wellness coach will help you achieve the healthy lifestyle changes to significantly impact your ability to control the advancement of your disease.

We will work together to understand your current lifestyle choices and how they affect your disease. Following parameters set by your physician, you and your coach will identify things that you can and are willing to change, and create a meaningful and personalized plan of action that creates success for you.

We will establish strategies to help you begin and maintain healthy behaviors that will improve the quality of your life.



Dealing with Loss and End-of-Life Issues ~ Life Transitions are challenging for most people.  You may have lost your job in mid-life or be facing retirement.  You may have lost a loved one to decline, disease or death.  Preparing for the new or completing the old creates stress that can strengthen or deplete.  A Transitional Life Coach can assist you as you adapt to the changes you are facing, assisting you to identify and access your internal strengths and learn new skills to continue on with your life.


Loss of a loved one

If you are facing the loss of a life partner or spouse through death or divorce, it can be difficult to navigate the “storm”.  Most people loose the “I” when they become a “we”.  Rebuilding a relationship with yourself after a loss is paramount to going on with life in joy.  I will assist you in moving through the stages of rebuilding a relationship with yourself and help you to develop a new vision and new goals for yourself.


Health-related Challenges

If you are facing a health-related challenge, be it your own or that of a loved one, stress and worry can decrease your energy and make it difficult to be proactive in your healing process.  Many people have difficulty getting accurate information from their healthcare providers.

I will assist you in clarifying what is most important to you and teach you skills to communicate clearly with your family and the medical community.  You will learn how to ask the best questions to access the information you seek. If you have a loved one facing a health challenge, a coach can assist you with skills that will help you support your loved and also take care of yourself.

Fear of the unknown can be expressed in ways we may regret.   I will teach you the skills for accessing community resources for you and your family.   I will help you increase the effectiveness of your communication with family members and healthcare professionals.

If you are facing the end of your life,  I will assist you in completing your life with dignity.  You,  your family and I will create a plan that will help you identify what you want medically, emotionally, physically and spiritually.  You and your family will learn how to access community support resources to increase the quality of your life.

None of us wants to die and leave our loved ones.  But we all will die.  When you are complete with your life, sharing with your loved ones what you want them to know, having all of your affairs in order, clear about the legacy you will leave behind, you will be able to die at peace, free of fear and regret.


Transitional Life Coaching for Caregivers

It can be challenging to care for someone, either professionally or for a loved one who is declining in health.Many times it is difficult to understand what those being cared for are experiencing.Their anger and frustration can be expressed or repressed in a variety of ways.Learning new communication skills to unravel to meaning beneath, the sometimes hurtful, expressions can help decrease or eliminate the negative impact of the behavior. I tailor the skills-based training during this coaching program to address your specific needs.


The End Result:

  • You are better able to manage your stress
  • You are able to provide a higher level of compassionate care
  • You reduce feelings of guilt and inadequacy
  • You are better able to access support services
  • You improve your relationship with the person you are caring for






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