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Transition and Change At Transitional Wisdom I focus on transitions individuals and families experience related to aging or the care of a declining loved one.


  • Planning for healthy aging and retirement
  • Deal with loss of a loved one through death or divorce
  • Coping with a life-threatening disease
  • Addressing issues associated with age-related decline

Family Consulting At Transitional Wisdom I have found that many of the same principles that apply in organizations regarding change, balance, leadership, team/group development, optimum performance, and accountability also apply to family dynamics. I have learned to effectively utilize a model based on these principles with families in transition. Consider the benefits of these concepts for supporting a loved one suffering a loss, facing a life-threatening disease or dealing with age-related decline.

Aligning a family in a common goal, resolving conflict arising from family of origin patterns, modeling effective and compassionate behavior based on mutual respect all bring families closer. When supporting a loved one who has suffered a loss, is facing a life-threatening illness or age-related decline, he or she will feel valued, loved and respected even as they encounter health-related challenges.

Areas of Focus

  • Balance
  • Leadership development
  • Team development
  • Conflict resolution
  • Completing unfinished business
  • Follow-up coaching


Balance:I teach skills to assist you toachieve a balance between WHATyou need to do as a family and HOWyou work together to achieve your goals of supporting a loved onedealing with the loss of a spouse, partner or their health.


Healthy Familes


What you need todoHow you work together to

to provide support tocreate the support



Family Leadership ~ We all have a leader within. Whether in a business setting or in our family unit, each individual has value and creative ideas to offer the group.

At Transitional Wisdom I focus on building the strengths of each person on the family team. The willingness to speak your truth, and contribute to the family builds relationships that empower. We do not leave our personal selves at the door when we come together as a team. I focus on aligning your personal value-based vision and purpose with that ofyour family.

When adult children and grandchildren come together to provide the support that will allow their aging parents or grandparents to remain independent in their own homes, it requires the talents of each family member.Some family members may live far away and not be able to participate locally in providing assistance with time and services. But there are many other things they can do to contribute.

I assist families in clarifying their talents and roles, and identifying the tasks each can do to help their aging or ill loved one have the best possible quality of life.

Family Team Development ~ I focus on human capital by helping you create and sustain a high level of support within your family structure as you come together to assist a loved one facing a life-threatening disease or age-related decline.

I am uniquely qualified to help you:

  • Frame key issues related to leadership and team development as it relates to your family.
  • Shape a culture characterized by trust and openness and in which every family member understands the importance their support is in your family.
  • Demonstrate how success can be achieved through increasing self-knowledge and knowledge of other family members.


Getting Started

Pre-assessment ~ This is a complimentary interview session for me to gather information and offer initial recommendations to meetyour specific needs.

  • Assessment ~I will assess your specific situation through an extensive interview process. You will be guided to clarify where you currently are and where you want to be during this process. When working with a family unit, each individual is interviewed to include the perspective of all. This enables me to get a full picture of the dynamics. Once all of the information is collected, I will meet with you and your family to review the data. It is at this time you are given recommendations for the solution to your specific situation.
  • Action Plan ~This involves identifying steps you need to take to get from your current situation to your desired end result. Benchmarks are established and timeframes are set. Measurements of success are determined to insure achievement of your goals.
  • Training ~ Many times individuals and teams may require new information. A specific training for you and your family unit will be designed to address your unique situation. I will review the training agenda with you and make adjustments if necessary. Once agreed upon, I will implement the training(s) and measure impact.This is usually one full day or two half days during which I will teach you skills to build your family team.Together we will create a graduated care plan for your aging or ill family members during this training.
  • Follow-up Coaching- This is essential to ongoing success. During times of stress, it is easy to fall back to the same ineffective behavior that produced undesirable results in the past. Follow-up coaching allows you to notice when the old patterns emerge. Over a course of 6 months, I will assist you and your family team as your new, more effective behaviors become integrated into your organizational or family culture.



  • Personal Effectiveness Seminar ~ Each member of your family will participate in a 4-day personal development training that will help you to identify your strengths and resolve some of the patterns that get in your way.  I include this seminar in my package because I find that families who are able to identify and resolve areas of conflict and clarify areas of strength form stronger family support teams.  While encouraged and included in the package, the training is optional.


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