Live Long, Live Well: Creating Health and Wellness in Your Life


Live Long, Live Well: Creating Health and Wellness in Your Life

This seminar is for those wanting to create healthy and sustaining patterns in their lives.

  • Personal Goal Setting
  • Healthful Eating Habits
  • Diet - sustaining healthy weight
  • Finding the Exercise Perfect For You
  • Relaxation Techniques
  • Balance Personal & Professional Lives
  • Heal or Manage Illness                                                                                                                   
  • Healthy Aging

Live Long, Live Well: Creating Health and Wellness in Your Life

Facilitated by Morning Star Holmes M.A.

  • Certified NLP Trainer, Consultant and Coach
  • Transitional Life Coach
  • Educator
  • Author

This course can be adapted for each individual family as part of the Family Consulting package


Traditional WisdomA Guide to Healthy Aging and Completing Life with Dignity

The purpose of this seminar is to assist you to make well informed decisions about how you want to live during the last months, weeks and days of your life before you experience a medical crisis. If you have an aging loved one, you will learn how you can support a loved one is in the later stages of life.

Course Description:  This course is designed for anyone aging, facing a life threatening disease or have a loved one in one of these life stages.  The purpose is to assist you to make well informed decisions about how you want to live out the last years, months, weeks and days of your own life or how you can support a loved one who is in the later stages of life to live out his/her final days.

You will learn:

  • How to identify resources in your community to support quality end-of-life care.
  • To clarify what you want for yourself or your loved one when facing  the end of life.
  • How to communicate what you want with your physician and other healthcare professionals, to gain support for what you want during the latter stages of your life or the life of a loved  one.
  • To obtain accurate information from your physician and other healthcare providers when faced with choices about treatment plans.
  • To create a written plan to assist you during the stages you or a loved one may face as you age or go through a disease or aging process.
  • To identify what has been most meaningful in your life or to assist a loved one in clarifying the meaning their life has had for themselves  and those they love.
  • To clarify what you want to do or to complete with the remainder of  your life.

Past participants have reported significant reduction in their death-related fear and anxiety, an increase in their ability to communicate their healthcare choices to their physicians and a reduction in pain and suffering experienced by their loved ones during the dying process.  They have likened the death of their loved one as intimate, bringing the family closer, healing old differences and leaving no regrets.


Facilitated by Morning Star Holmes M.A.

  • Certified NLP Trainer, Consultant and Coach
  • Transitional Life Coach
  • Educator
  • Author

This course is designed to be taught in a 2-day seminar or a 4 week class format to accommodate groups whose focus is on end-of-life education.  Contact me for information on providing this program in your area.


Training for Caregivers: Communicate Compassion

For professional and family caregivers whose primary role is to support the one aging or facing a life-threatening illness. 

Learn to:

  • Listen with compassion.
  • Elicit the positive intention of difficult behaviors in others.
  • Communicate clearly and effectively in stressful situations.
  • Manage your own feelings of fear, frustration, grief and loss.
  • Identify ways to care for yourself and your family while caring for  another.
  • Guide an aging or ill person through their own feelings of fear, frustration and loss of independence as he or she declines in health.
  • Assist the aging or dying person to identify how they would like to spend their last months, weeks and days.

The challenge of caring for an individual who is declining in health affects those being cared for, the caregiver, and his or her family.  There can be feelings of fear, loss of control, frustration, guilt and sometimes anger along with feelings of deep love, caring, respect and gratitude for those being cared for and those giving the care.  It can be painful to let go of one’s ability to care for oneself.  Many people report that they do not want to be a burden to their families. They struggle to remain independent, failing to realize they can prolong their independence if they allow some assistance earlier in the process. 

Professional caregivers can experience work-related stress as a result of being emotionally connected to those they care for with the added responsibilities many times of having more than one person they care for.  They must also interface with the individual’s families, dealing with their feelings associated with the letting go process.  Many times people will express their fear and grief through anger directed at the care giver.  Effective communication skills provides the caregiver with tools to support others in clarifying what they feel and what they want.  This can reduce the fear, frustration and anger in others, allowing the deeper level feelings of love and respect to emerge.  Caregivers are in a unique position to facilitate a more graceful and dignified aging and dying process for those they care for and their families.


Facilitated by Morning Star Holmes M.A.

  • Certified NLP Trainer, Consultant and Coach
  • Transitional Life Coach
  • Educator
  • Author

I also teach the content of this course in a 2-day seminar format to accommodate groups whose focus is on end-of-life education.  Contact me for information on providing this program in your area.


Rebuilding When Your Relationship Ends: Healing from Loss of a Partner

This seminar is for Adults experiencing loss of a life partner or spouse due to separation, death or divorce.

“Rebuilding When Your Relationship Ends” is a structured ten-session educational course for separated, divorced and widowed persons.  It is based on the book, “Rebuilding, When Your Relationship Ends”, by Drs. Bruce Fisher and Robert Alberti. It assists participants to systematically work through the stages of loosing a partner, rebuilding a relationship with themselves, and preparing them for a full and rewarding life after loss. The class is open to adults experiencing loss of a partner or spouse due to separation, death or divorce.

Course is facilitated by Morning Star Holmes M.A.

  • Certified NLP Trainer & Consultant
  • Transitional Life Coach
  • Educator
  • Author

Being Challenged in Life is Inevitable. Being Defeated is Optional

Contact me for information on the next scheduled class:
I offer this 10-week class in Orange County, CA


Women's Retreat ~ Spring 2015 in Lake Arrowhead CA

This retreat is designed for women who have lost a partner or spouse through death, separation or divorce.  We will focus on:

  • Grief resolution and personal healing from loss
  • Rebuilding a relationship with self
  • Clarifying what you want in your future
  • Personal health and wellness

This is an experiential retreat designed to set you free of guilt, pain and sorrow. If you are seeking love again, we will help you break the chains of any dysfunctional patterns of past relationships and clarify what you want in a future.  We will include movement, meditation and fun.

     Project under construction.  We will post more information on specific dates and location as it becomes available.                                                                                  There is Life and Love after Loss


Morning Star Holmes M.A. and Mary Ann Parkhurst MA, MS, are teaming up to bring this dynamic retreat for women experiencing the loss of a partner or spouse.  Both women have experienced the loss of spouses to death and divorce. Both are Certified in NLP and trained by Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul) in the Success Principles

It will be held in Lake Arrowhead, California in the Spring 2015.  


Recommended personal development seminars:

The PES Seminar is included in our year-long Coaching program

Personal Effectiveness Seminar

The Personal Effectiveness Seminar is rich with tools for an extraordinary life, and has assisted thousands to discover the meaning, purpose, excitement and fulfillment they have been searching for. Participants are inspired and prepared to succeed in living their highest values with integrity, confidence, and joy. The PES explores consciousness and the impact of beliefs, assisting you to understand yourself, your world, and your relationship to it all with new clarity and   enthusiasm.

In the supportive, respectful, rigorous, and FUN! environment of the PES, you look deeply into where your life is working well, and where you would like it to work better. You discover the underpinnings of the results you’re getting now, and specific changes you can make to better align your results with your desires.

One full day is devoted to each of the Four Cornerstones of a Balanced Life. These form the Foundation for a Life of clear purpose, confident trust, intimate connection, and joyful aliveness. Through intriguing lectures and stories, interactive activities, thoughtful reflection, and sharing, you practice the skills that enrich Life in all these areas. Participants are amazed at how quickly and easily they get to know others at a deep level. They are inspired by the self-respect and confidence that clarity of purpose and integrity bring. They find the delight of taking themselves lightly. The PES is not only the best gift you can give to yourself; the results you create for yourself enriches the lives of your family and friends, too. Your life matters, and how you live it makes a difference. In just four revealing, and rewarding days, you can change your world!

Personal Effectiveness Seminar (PES)


Breakthrough to Success  August 11- 15 2014  Jack Canfield's 5-day signature training is a powerful retreat where you’ll master Jack’s proven system for success. With Jack’s personal guidance, you’ll discover your life purpose, prioritize your goals, and discover the proven steps to achieving anything you want. You’ll also remove limitations from the past, allowing you to attain unimagined levels of success and make positive and lasting changes. You’ll walk out the door crystal-clear about where you’re going – and how you’re going to get there. 

Advanced Graduate Training (level ll)  Jack Canfield's Breakthrough to Success™ Advanced Training is an extraordinary life-mastery retreat that will transform all areas of your life and align your goals with your soul’s purpose. Guiding you through a process of deep self-exploration, the program helps you peel away layers of limiting beliefs so you can uncover your true self … and crystallize your unique purpose.

See more at:

       1-hour follow-up coaching session  (by phone or in person)                                                                                        with Morning Star Holmes  M.A.  Included

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