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Morning Star Holmes

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Transitional Wisdom Inc.
Transitional Wisdom is a Coaching and Consulting firm located in Laguna Beach CA.  It is owned and operated by Morning Star Holmes M.A. Morning Star has over 25 years of experience working with organizations, individuals and families to reach their fullest potentials.  Morning Star provides Consulting, Coaching and Speaking throughout the United States and Canada

Transitional Wisdom has a mission To be in service to others, promoting love, compassion, health, and well-being from birth to death, by facilitating family unity and support when they have a loved one who has experienced a significant loss, is facing a life-threatening disease or age-related decline.  It is through family support that our elders and those facing life-threatening illness can remain as independent as possible, remaining in control of their own choices and have the best quality of life possible, whatever their circumstances.  My philosophy is that prevention and early intervention of disease and informative end of life planning will give individuals and their families the opportunity to complete their lives with dignity, leaving a lasting imprint on those they love as their lasting legacy.

Morning Star Holmes M.A.
Morning Star Holmes has had a Business Consulting and Coaching firm since 1997.  Prior to starting her own Business Consulting and Coaching business, she worked with “At Risk” youth and their families, providing her with a wealth of experience in family dynamics and a deep respect for the value of prevention and early intervention when families are faced with a challenge.

After her mother was diagnosed with dementia in the mid-90’s, by adopting her business consulting skills, she helped facilitate a sense of team within her family with each family member participating in her mother’s care and support.  She guided her parents in clarifying what they wanted and what they did not want as her mother’s health declined.  Her parents’ clarity made it easy for their children to support their wishes.

Using her NLP background, Ms. Holmes spent the last 2 years of her mother’s life guiding her mother to peaceful resolution and completion of her life with dignity.  Her mother died at home, surrounded by her entire family, free of pain and fear.  This personal experience is what brought Ms. Holmes to realize her Soul Purpose was to work with families and their loved ones facing the challenges of decline and loss.  She has developed a successful model that promotes compassionate support for the family team, increases the quality of life for the loved one who is declining in health and assisting them in completing life with dignity.


Her Native American heritage has given her a deep respect for diversity that is reflected in her work. She has worked with consultants from many different countries and cultures, honoring their contributions and learning the value of many perspectives. She has studied in Italy and has had the opportunity to travel and experience many cultures.

In 2011, Morning Star adopted a four-year old German Shepherd.  Morning Star Trained Abby to become a therapy dog to assist those who are going through life transitions.  Morning Star is an avid walker, spending 1-2 hours daily getting her exercise and connecting with others on her walks.  Abby joined in this daily activity with a true gift for touching the hearts of others as she greeted them along the path. Many times, a gentle and accepting animal can warm the hearts for those adapting to challenges as they age or face a significant loss or life-threatening disease. After Abby joined the family, she and Morning Star began a 6-year process as primary caregivers for her father, Harold. Abby and Morning Star worked as team, know Abby’s true purpose had been to be a therapy dog for Harold until her death in November 2017. Harold passed away 60 days after Abby. Both died at home lovingly with Morning Star by their sides.

Years of experience: 20

Ms. Holmes earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Human Services at the University of Oregon and her Master of Arts degree in Applied Behavioral Science, with an emphasis on Consulting and Coaching, at Bastyr University in Seattle. She is a certified NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming), Trainer and Consultant.

Ms. Holmes has consulted with companies in their efforts to reorganize and restructure their teams and their goals as they adapt to the ever-changing marketplace. She has assisted in team development training with BLM and Bayer Pharmaceuticals, worked as both a team member and manager on training teams for Robert Dilts and Judith Delozier at NLP University in Santa Cruz, CA, Connie Rae and Steve Andreas of NLP Comprehensive in CO, Wings-Seminars, Eugene, OR, and Michael Grinder of Michael Grinder Associates, Battleground, WA. and with numerous smaller agencies and individual families.

Our patients

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“Morning Star is a support in training at all levels. To the students and training staff she brings expertise and calmness in support of real learning.  She brings many creative ideas with love and social consciousness to our groups. She is a star, and a leader no matter what she does.”
– Judith Delozier, Trainer and co-developer of NLP training programs, Associate of NLP University ~ Santa Cruz, CA

John Doe, 2016

“After working with Morning Star I was able to change my direction and implement strategic solutions.  I feel grateful for the coaching and deep insight I received from her.”
– Katherine Friedman, Senior Leadership and Organizational Development Specialist ~ Seattle, WA

Tom Smith, 2016

“I am so grateful for the work you did with the Grace Center team, and for everything you taught me as a manager.  I’m still learning and the insights and skills you gave me have been so valuable!  I’m still teaching and using the “pinch” model, and have made it an “official” part of our staff communication policy.”
– Cheri Babb Executive Director, Grace Center for Adult Day Services ~ Corvallis, Oregon

Susane Hanks, 2015

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